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Market data is essential

Top investors and operators need data to make better decisions and stay ahead of the competition. We are now entering what could be the biggest domestic drilling boom of our lifetimes. As the industry ramps up, tools like ours will define decision-making.

We’re Drilling Data Pioneers

Oilfield Logix was one of the first companies to shape the drilling data frontier in 2012. Our product is a standardized and searchable database of oil rig information from all major US land regions in which a curated cross-section of wells accurately reflects the drilling market. Over 1 million data points encompass key information for each well, including:

“The Oilfield Logix database is an invaluable tool to my team on a daily basis. There’s no doubt we’ve made faster, wiser decisions because of it.”

Richard Spears, Spears & Associates

Dig deeper with industry reports

Elevate your understanding with the combined power of our raw data and cutting-edge analysis. We are now partnered with Spears & Associates who have been providing expert oilfield market analysis since 1965. All Oilfield Logix customers receive an exclusive discount on their industry reports.

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